Selenium speciation and bioavailability

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The aim of the project is to characterise molecular forms (species) of selenium in food of plant and animal origin. Furthermore, the research aims at assessing the bioavailability in humans of selenium.

The selenium contained in plants from the onion family (e.g. garlic and onion) and in selenium-enriched yeast was extracted using aqueous solvents or proteolytic enzymes. The selenium species (ppt-file) were identified by liquid chromatography coupled with the selenium-selective ICP-MS detector.

For assessment of the selenium bioavailability (ppt-file) in humans, yeast enriched by the stable selenium isotope 77Se was used as the intervention substance. The bioavailability was estimated by time-resolved appearance of 77Se in blood, urine and faecal samples.
Effective start/end date01/01/200131/12/2007

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