Science and policy integration for coastal systems assessment (SPICOSA) (38180)

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The objective of SPICOSA was to develop a self-evolving, holistic research approach, for integrated assessment of Coastal Systems so that the best available scientific knowledge could be mobilized to support deliberative and decision-making processes towards improving the sustainability of Coastal Systems by implementing Integrated Coastal Zone Management policies. Based on a System Approach, a multidisciplinary assessment framework was developed with a balanced consideration of the Ecological, Social and Economic (ESE) sectors of Coastal Systems.

The System Approach Framework (SAF) developed in the project was then used to explore dynamics of Coastal-Zone Systems and potential consequences of alternative policy scenarios in 18 different Study Sites. We demonstrated that achieving this objective required a restructuring of the science needed to understand the interactions between complex natural and social systems at different spatial and temporal scales including the overall economic evaluation of alternative policies. The software used for the modeling was furthermore developed with the aim to support transfer of scientific products to policy decision-makers, stakeholders and end-users. The SAF Portfolio consisted of generic assessment methodologies, specific tools, models and model blocks and new knowledge useful for ICZM provided in a user-friendly manner and updateable for future CZ researchers and professionals. In addition SPICOSA generated new training curricula, training modules and training opportunities for academics and professionals involved in Sustainability Science and ICZM implementation.

The project was organized into 5 Nodes with DTU Aqua leading one of these 5 Nodes.

In total the project had 54 partners from 22 EU countries.

The project was coordinated by University of Western Brittany, France, Institute of Coastal Marine Environment of CNR, Italy and French National Institute of Marine Research (IFREMER), France.
The project was funded by EU, Framework Programme 6.

Research area: Coastal Ecology
Research area: Ecosystem based Marine Management
Effective start/end date01/01/200731/12/2011


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