Safe heating and cooling in mass catering

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According to the Danish catering industry, it is a challenge to keep a high culinary quality of certain foods because of the official requirements for safe holding either at hot or chilled temperatures.

For safe heating, a temperature of at least 75°C in the coldest is recommended. Equivalently for safe cooling, it is recommended to cool down from 65°C to 10°C in max. 3 h

In both cases, EU legislation gives the possibility to apply other time and temperature combinations as long as the company can document that the product is safe. However, this requires a definition of safe processes.

For this purpose Codex has suggested a management concept named Performance Criterion (PC). PC is a transparent way to link a food safety program with its expected public health impact.

Codex defines a PC as the effect on concentration of a hazard in a food that must be achieved by the application of one or more control measures to provide the wanted consumer protection.
AcronymSikker mad til mange
Effective start/end date01/08/200831/03/2010

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  • Food safety
  • catering
  • heating
  • cooling
  • decision support tool
  • hazard analysis


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