Role of technologies in an Energy Efficient Economy – Model-based analysis of policy measures and transformation pathways to a sustainable energy system

  • Balyk, Olexandr (Project Manager)
  • Karlsson, Kenneth Bernard (Project Participant)
  • Larsen, Morten Andreas Dahl (Project Participant)
  • Drews, Martin (Project Participant)
  • Petrovic, Stefan (Project Participant)
  • Laurent, Alexis (Project Participant)
  • Simonsen, Mikkel Bosack (Project Participant)
  • McKenna, Russell (Project Participant)
  • Hauschild, Michael Zwicky (Project Participant)
  • Ohms, Pernille Krogh (Project Participant)
  • Bohnes, Florence Alexia (Project Participant)
  • Fabbri, Serena (Project Participant)
  • Marcher, Jette Louise (Project Participant)

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