Robust Regulation of Systems with Infinite Dimensions

  • Larsen, Mikael (Project Manager)

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    Infinite dimensional systems
    usually arise from models
    involving partial
    differential equations or
    time delays. Robust control
    is concerned with controller
    design based on mathematical
    models, where the inevitable
    modeling errors are taken
    into account during the
    design phase. In robust
    control one specifies a model
    which in a certain sense
    approximates the physical
    plant to be controlled. Based
    on the approximating model a
    feedback control law is
    developed, which is
    satisfactory for a set of
    models, that in a certain
    sense are close to this
    model. This project considers
    the so-called H-infinity
    method, which is generally
    considered as an important
    method for robust control of
    finite dimensional systems.
    However, in the infinite
    dimensional case the method
    is not yet fully developed.
    As a case study the robust
    control of a pasteurization
    plant is considered.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199631/03/1997


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