Road safety in the ageing societies - CONcerns and SOLutions

  • Siren, Anu Kristiina (Project Participant)
  • Haustein, Sonja (Project Participant)
  • Bernhoft, Inger Marie (Contact Person)

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    During the years following the Commission’s first White Paper on a common transport policy, personal mobility has increased and is now seen as an acquired right. It is an ethical and economic necessity that future transport policies be designed to be inclusive, so that all segments of the ageing European populations can be safely mobile and lead autonomous lives as long as possible.
    CONSOL aims at advancing knowledge by combining current knowledge on mobility and safety with newest evidence from basic research, e.g., gender studies, social gerontology and findings on health and functionality with age, while also covering some less well-known elderly safety issues such as single-pedestrian and non-crash public transport accidents. Best practices will be discussed and recommendations given in a feasibility perspective, analysing the roles of the different societal actors in making things happen.
    Effective start/end date17/09/201116/09/2013


    • Forsk. EU - Andre EU-midler


    • Road safety, older road users


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