RISKPOINT-Assessing the risks posed by point source contamination to groundwater and surface water resources

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    The Water Framework Directive considers subsurface and surface water quality and its impact on ecosystems. A major contributor to water quality problems are point contaminant sources such as industrial sites. In order to assess the risks posed by contaminated sites to groundwater and surface water resources it is necessary to understand how these re-sources are linked and how water flow between them affects water quality. This project will develop the monitoring and modelling tools required to quantify contaminant fluxes between ground and surface waters. The project will focus on water quality problems associated with chlorinated hydrocarbons and pesticides. It is aimed to improve the competi-tiveness of the consulting industry and Danish authorities in the management of water quality problems in water catch-ments. In particular it will:
    1. Develop modelling and monitoring tools for managing the impact of point sources of contamination on groundwa-ter and surface water resources.
    2. Determine the impact on water quality of the biogeochemically active zone between groundwater and surface water systems.
    3. Develop tools for assessing the risk of point sources of contamination from the perspective of water supply.
    4. Develop tools for quantifying the ecosystem impact of point sources of contamination.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200801/01/2012


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