Right operation of buildings with respect to indoor climate and energy consumption

Project Details


The ambition of the project is to reduce the gap between the possible low energy consumption together with a good indoor climate and the actual state in buildings. The project will continue and follow up on previous projects concerning “EiSE”. Commisioning will be addressed with focus on the collaboration between project and operation departments. Concepts from Facility management will be included. However, both Commisioning and Facility management are mostly kept at a clarification and description level. Best practice of current technology will be described together with system interactions and building dynamics and general more intelligent use of online data. The cases are in the sectors of shopping centers, office buildings and to some extent municipality buildings. In the latter case the focus will be on the people who actu-ally on a daily basis in situ are operating and monitoring the systems.
The knowhow obtained will be included in the education of civil engineers and marine engineers (maskinmestre).Furthermore vocational training of “ground floor personal” will be included. In the cases the present situation is described, actions are undertaken and the impact on energy consumption and indoor climate are registered and analysed.
Effective start/end date01/01/201631/12/2017