Rheology of Grafted Chains under Shear

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Non-equlibrium molecualr dynamics
simulations are applied to investigate
the effect of coating two opposite walls
with amphiphilic molecules on the fluid structure, friction and viscosity
of a pure solvent. This is a typical industrial problem encountered in fabric softening, where amphiphiles (surfactants) are added during the
washing to enhance the condition of the fabric and the conditioning of hair before wet combing. In particular,
we like to address the following fundamental questions:
(1) How does grafted charged amphiphiles will change the viscosity profile?
(2) Is the stress (friction) profile constant across the shear field?
(3) How does the solvent will adapt to the cahrged amphiphiles?
(4) Are solvent molecules trapped in the organic layer?
(5) How does flexibilty of the chains influence the rheological properties?
Effective start/end date01/10/1995 → …


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