Resolving climatic impacts on fish stocks (RECLAIM) (38109)

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Climate change will impact fisheries resources and challenge managers to develop sustainable exploitation strategies. Knowledge on the impacts of climate on fisheries resources is still fragmentary.

RECLAIM will summarize current knowledge, test process understanding, improve predictive capacity and formulate future research hypotheses by examining trophic processes, geographical distributions and essential habitat requirements for marine and shellfish in the NE-Atlantic.

A conceptual framework will be developed to distinguish between processes acting on individual (physiology, behavior), population (predation, competition) and ecosystem (physical habitat qualities, biological productivity, trophic coupling) levels. The framework structures a literature review to detects gaps in knowledge and, where possible, distinguishes between climate and anthropogenic influences.

A comparative analysis follows quantifying climate variability and changes in distribution and productivity of (i) individual species, (ii) selected fish and shellfish communities, and (iii) ecosystem structure and functioning.

Target species represent different commercially important resources, ecosystem components (pelagics, demersals), and play key trophic roles (wasp-waist, apex predators) within NE-Atlantic ecosystems.

Changes in ecosystem structure and functioning will be analyzed from fisheries and scientific survey data including planktonic, benthic and fish production and consumption in relation to climate forcing and fishing. Relevant spatial and temporal scales of climate change and variability will be explored using time series analyses, spatial statistics and coupled 3-D hydrodynamic ecosystem models.

Using a variety of approaches, RECLAIM will both hind cast as well as forecast the effects of climate change on the productivity and distribution of fish and shellfish stocks to formulate hypotheses and research needs to be addressed in future EU research.

The project is coordinated by IMARES, The Netherlands, and has nine partners from the EU.

Research area: Marine Populations and Ecosystem Dynamics
Effective start/end date01/01/200731/12/2009


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