Research and Development of optimal Wind turbine rotors under offshore wind conditions in China

Project Details


The scientific objectives of the project are to develop new aerodynamic and structural design tools, and control techniques for optimizing wind turbine rotors for offshore wind energy applications in China. During the past five years, DTU has established a strong research collaboration network with Chinese universities and research institutes in the area of wind energy. The present proposal will further strengthen the collaboration. To develop wind technology under offshore wind conditions in China, it demands the insights of the physics of wind turbine flows under local wind conditions and the development of novel computational techniques that are capable to design and predict the performance of wind turbines. The goal is to make offshore wind energy production more competitive through fundamental insights into the interaction between atmospheric turbulence and wind turbines. Further, wind turbines under offshore conditions in China can be operated optimally through the design of efficient control systems.
Effective start/end date01/04/201230/06/2017