Reporting tagging experiments (38250)

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The project 1) manages expenses (rewards) and databases with results from tagging experiments and 2) elaborates results on selected previously not reported issues from former tagging experiments.

1) Handling incoming reports on recaptures of tagged fish comprises payment of rewards and registering of recaptures. Reports from previous experiments are normally received over a longer period of time and it is practical to locate expenses in one continuous project. Dating back to the 1970´s and until recent years numerous tagging experiments have been conducted on salmon and trout at DTU Aqua. The use of tags and tagging has been and remains a key method in fish studies. Results from tagging experiments has previously been stored in separate databases, but one objective of the project is to assemble results in a single database accessible using GIS software in order to facilitate access to conducted experiments, being relevant both for research and advisory activities.

2) The elaboration of results from former tagging experiments, where results may already have been used for their primary purpose, aims at extracting as much as possible the information available in the results. Information from the experiments are extracted ad hoc for various purposes, and elaborated for reporting on selected issues.

Presently work is being carried out on a series of tagging experiments on wild and reared sea trout (smolt and adults) in river Kolding Å, as well as on catch pattern of salmon in the Baltic Sea in relation to fishing effort and environmental variables for a selected time series. It is the intention to analyze results on data from several countries around the Baltic Sea in corporation with relevant national institutes.

Research area: Freshwater Fisheries and Ecology
Effective start/end date01/01/201101/01/2099


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