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The goal of the project is to develop plant-based alternatives to fermented dairy products.
Nutritious alternatives to animal products are key to a sustainable food system. Unfortunately, when producing plant-based alternatives to dairy products, it is technically difficult to achieve the desired characteristics. This project aims to develop processes and cultures for producing plant-based fermented foods similar to yoghurt based on pea, oat and potato (POP).

The project is planned to run for three years.
A range of POP concentrates with soluble and functional proteins will be extracted and post-processed to improve palatability and digestibility.
The project will identify and develop lactic acid bacteria cultures to ferment the POP concentrates and achieve a quality similar to dairy products.
Analytical methods will be developed to determine critical quality parameters and identify antinutritional compounds and off-flavours.

Expected results:
The new starter cultures will improve the performance and quality of plant-based dairy alternatives, benefiting all global producers and expanding the range of potential customers beyond the dairy industry.
Project partners will be able to provide the industry with specific analytical solutions soon after project completion.
Successful market implementation has the potential to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of dairy alternatives by 80% compared to standard dairy yoghurt.
Short titleREPLANTED
Effective start/end date15/08/202215/12/2025

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