Renovating Building Sustainability

  • Elarga, Hagar (Project Participant)

Project Details


REBUS - Renovating Buildings Sustainably is a dedicated partnership representing the entire value and knowledge chain of the building sector. Manufacturers, contractors, engineers, architects, universities, RTO, and social housing building owners have joined forces to challenge business as usual and to provide a radical change to renovation.
The aim is to ensure energy-reducing, cost-effective, resource efficient, and reliable renovation solutions, and to transform sustainable building renovation into a productive business with export potential. The partnership is widely supported in the building industry, cf. advisory board, inclusion of authorities and stakeholders.
The work is aimed at social housing buildings and will be demonstrated in full scale. Based on development within this “lead-user” segment of the renovation market, the partnership’s targets are to reduce energy consumption in the existing building stock by minimum 50%, achieve reduction in resource usage by 30%, and increase productivity 20% by industrialising building renovations, and at the same time ensure a good and healthy life inside the buildings.
Effective start/end date01/05/201701/01/2020