Renewable Energy Sources and Storage for Integrated Control in electric distribution system

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    This project run under the specified Transnational Access to the SYSLAB DER research infrastructure at Risø DTU, Denmark, under the DERri project and supported by the European Commission under FP7.
    The project is aimed at describing the models of generation sources, such as wind and solar, and storage systems for implementing integrated control strategies of the whole renewable generation park.
    The main aim of the project is to validate models of small wind turbines and storage systems and integrated control strategies of the whole resulting system thus describing and testing the benefits that the storage system can provide.
    The storage system is characterized from an electrochemical and thermal perspective, while the wind turbines have an electro-mechanical characterization and the solar photovoltaic system an electrical characterization. The purpose of the energy storage system is to be coupled to the wind generation system in order to realize different tasks: to have the generation output power smoothed and to grant no power transfer, for a certain period on Distribution System Operator (DSO) request, at the point of common coupling (PCC) in any battery state-of-charge condition.
    Moreover the already acquired experience and the results from the previous DERRI experience (W&S_IC) in the Risø facility are a stimulus to prosecute the validation of the storage system model within new measurements (i.e. thermal characterization) and to test new integrated control strategies of the whole resulting system (i.e. storage plus wind turbine and storage plus pv system).
    Effective start/end date14/11/201129/03/2012

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    • Wind turbine
    • Storage System
    • Control System


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