Renewable Energy EMPOWERing European and InDian communities

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    The “RE-EMPOWERED” project aims to develop and demonstrate novel tools to provide a complete solution for all stages of a Microgrid/Energy Island and Multi-Microgrid applications. The tools include energy planning ranging from the design of Microgrids from scratch to the upgrade of existing installation to high RES systems. Planning will be guided by decision making about the generation size and other infrastructure parameters, based on economical and reliability criteria. Advanced Energy Management tools and solutions, building on existing proven technologies developed within other EU projects, will be further developed to achieve optimal operation of larger and smaller energy systems considering Demand Side Management (DSM) capabilities. In addition, management tools will exploit synergies with other available energy carriers, including electricity, heating, cooling, water, waste, e-mobility, etc. taking into account availability, operational, security, and reserve constraints. These will be demonstrated to leverage on the advantages load management offers, like greater flexibility and more efficient use of energy infrastructure and resources. From the citizen perspective, this entails the cultivation of higher efficiency mentality and self-sufficiency by an
    autonomous energy supply culture, when relevant. Concrete actions will be taken for customer driven approaches, supported by dynamic pricing, the establishment of local energy communities and local community training. A specialized tool will be developed and demonstrated to support active involvement of citizens in their own energy generation and management. Moreover dedicated converters, electric vehicles and resilient infrastructures will be developed. All the above-mentioned tools and solutions will be demonstrated in four demo sites with weak or non-existing grid, two in Europe, (Denmark and Greece), and two in India.
    Effective start/end date01/07/202131/12/2024

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    • Multi-energy carrier integration
    • Energy islands
    • Microgrids


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