Renewable Electricity Supply interactions with conventional POwer generation Networks and Demand

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    Supported by Intelligent Energy Europe
    The envisaged increase of electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES-E) of intermittent nature like wind and photovoltaics will increase electricity system costs dramatically. As a result, the European renewable energy target is not likely to be achieved in 2020 in case no system cost reducing measures are taken. Therefore, RESPOND developed policy responses and regulatory framework improvements in order to integrate RES-E more optimally in different segments of the electricity system; generation, trade and balancing markets, demand, and networks. Results were successfully presented at conferences and policy meetings in Brussels, Vienna and Leuven aimed at European and national policy makers, regulators, TSOs, DSOs, renewable generators, suppliers and other power system actors.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200731/05/2009