Renewable Electricity and Liberalised Markets

    Project Details


    The objective of the project is to determine the role of renewable energy in the strategies of electricity utilities across Europe in the context of the liberalisation of the European electricity.
    The project will analyse the role of renewable energy in the development of utilities' markets and strategies, past and present. Risks and opportunities for renewable energy under more liberal European Union (EU) conditions will be examined to define how renewable energy could affect future market performance of the utilities, especially in light of European energy market liberalisation directives. This will provide the European Commission (EC) and national governments with information concerning the likely interplay between EC and national policies directed at promoting renewable energy and those promoting energy market liberalisation. Hence, the project will provide a platform for the utilities to communicate the key issues for renewables in a liberalised market to importat decision makers and policy makers in the EC and their own governments.
    Effective start/end date01/05/199830/09/1999