REMPRODUSE-Cu - Redesign of electromechanic products for reuse and recyclability with special attention to the copper problem

  • Erichsen, Hanne K. Linnet (Project Manager)
  • Schwarz, Norbert (Project Participant)
  • Ashkin, Alena (Project Participant)
  • Alber, Sebastian (Project Participant)
  • Lundgren, Jonas (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    This project will focus on the possibility to develop sustainable copper products.
    The project's main goal is to reduce significantly the environmental burdens by reducing the flow of resources and by recycling valuable materials during the product life cycle. This will be achieved by a complementary strategy of redesign, reuse, recycling and disassembly options with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a guiding instrument for environmentally sound decisions.
    The following research tasks will be carried out during the project
    1) Detailed analysis of the present technical situation. Identification of the most relevant Cu-containing product.
    2) LCA for selected products. Reference basis for later investigations.
    3) Develop a first design-methodology, including disassembly, reuse and life extension.
    4) Develop multisensory systems for functionality check to support automated disassembly.
    5) Design of functional unit using new methodology and functionality check. LCA elaborations.
    6) Evaluation of technical feasibility. Choice of fabrication procedure with respect to economic considerations.
    7) Mechanical and software adaptation of robot-aided disassembly line. Test of procedures on a laboratory scale.
    8) Test of improved sensor systems and integration with disassembly line.
    9) Final LCA of developed product line.
    10) Improved design methodology, elaboration of guidelines and design tools based on experiences gained during sensor-controlled disassembly demonstration.
    Effective start/end date01/02/199630/04/1999


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