Reliability of Foundation Analysis: Model uncertainty and uncertainties of design soil parameters

  • Du-Thinh, Kien (Project Manager)
  • Hansbo, Sven (Project Participant)

Project Details


A reliability study of the performance of a foundation requires, among other factors, the specification of the uncertainties of the design parameters and those of the adopted model. The first task is concerned with geological, experimental, and statistical uncertainties, whereas the second task is basically a calibration work which demands a good, generally accepted reference that normally does not exist. In this project both issues are addressed in the case of spread footings in the following way: (i)large model tests performed under well-controlled conditions are analyzed numerically and semi-empirically; (ii) the testing soils is investigated in the laboratory, utilizing different methods and setups. A reference model will be created for quantifying the uncertainties inherent in different models.
Effective start/end date01/10/199801/01/9999