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Thyborøn is challenged by water from all sides. Rain from above, the North Sea and Limfjord from the sides and a rising groundwater level from below. Lemvig Municipality Lemvig and Water & Wastewater participate in Rain & Cities to develop their cooperation so that they together with the citizens can deal with the major challenges that the city face. The combination of more rainfall, higher sea levels, increasing groundwater levels and a flat terrain, makes floods a challenge. The existing storm water system has been functioning for many years, but due to climate change, the system is not sustainable in the future and there is a need for new thinking. The complexity requires close cooperation between the municipality of Lemvig and Lemvig Water & Wastewater. By participating in Rain & Cities will have the opportunity to develop their long-term cooperation, develop solutions to handle rain water on the surface and through the calculation tool 'splask' to build a common knowledge base on the economy in several different alternative projekter. In particular, Lemvig Municipality and Lemvig Water & Wasteewater focus on a new large stormwater basin. The basin is strategically placed in the context of Thyborøn Fritidscenter, serves as focal point for the city's population, and close to the city campground. There is plenty of scope for thinking basin along with recreational functions and turn Thyborøn challenging location for an exciting story that can arouse interest among both residents, students and tourists. In addition to the specific project area by Thyborøn Fritidscenter, participation in Rain & Cities also form the basis for identifying other possible collaborative projects in Thyborøn where investments by the municipality and the water company can match.Project is developed in close cooperation with the Central Denmark Region's EU project Coast to Coast Climate Challenge , Klimatorium in Lemvig and Aqua Globe in Skanderborg. The collaboration provides, inter alia, good opportunities for communication and to involve students, researchers and technicians.
Effective start/end date01/03/201731/12/2017


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