REduce the Level of road Anger eXpression (RELAX) – Development of a cognitive-behavioural training program

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Road anger does not only lead to discomfort and conflicts between road users but also increases the accident risk. To reduce road anger expression, RELAX has developed a cognitive-behavioural intervention to achieve less hostile interpretations of other road users’ behaviour and more constructive own behaviour. The effect of the intervention has been assessed in a multi-method approach based on a survey, a driving simulator experiment and two focus groups. Results show a significant decrease in milder forms of road anger expression and an increase in constructive behaviour.
A workshop with relevant stakeholders has been conducted to prepare the implementation and use of the intervention, for example as part of the driver’s education.
RELAX is funded by TrygFonden.
Effective start/end date01/04/201831/03/2020


  • Raod anger, driving anger, training, intervention, evaluation
  • anger management