Reconstruction of Surfaces for Reverse Engineering

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    Whereas conventional engineering uses CAD/CAM systems to create real parts, reverse engineering transforms a real part into a computer model, in particular it develops a CAD model of the part.
    In this project, we deal with problems that arise in the context of reverse engineering of geometric models. The surface of a part may consist of different surface types. There might be simple surfaces like planes, spheres, cones and cylinders of revolution and tori. It might also contain more general surfaces of revolution, general cylinders, helical and spiral surfaces, and it might exhibit general freeform surfaces. Both for the CAD representation and for the manufacturing of the part, it is essential to recognize the simpler surface types and fit the given data, usually clouds of points with measurement errors, by surfaces of the determined type.
    Effective start/end date01/01/1996 → …


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