Rammeprogram for Integrerede Produktionssystemer (IPS) (Framework Programme for Integrated Production Systems (IPS)

  • Bruun, Peter (Project Manager)
  • Michelsen, Aage U (Project Participant)
  • Vesterager, Johan (Project Participant)

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    Framework Programme for Integrated Production Systems (IPS)
    Since 1989 the ‘Statens Teknisk Videnskabelige Forskningsråd’ (Danish Technical Research Council) has finansed a framework programme for research and development of integrated production systems. Three departments from Technical University of Denmark and one from University og Aalborg are participating. The initial phase of IPS was finished at the end of 1992. Phase 2 will last from the beginning of 1993 till the end of 1997. The programme is supervised by a joint programme management and an advisory committee. The latter has 6 external members from industrial companies, Dansk Industri (the Confederation of Danish Industries) and CO-Industri (the Central Organization of Industrial Employees in Denmark).
    The objective of the framework programme is:
    - to create fundamental knowledge within the engineering science disciplines which can strengthen the international competitiveness of Danish industry through integration of construction, manufacturing and management activities,
    - to strengthen research environments for continuous development within their fields at international level
    - to encourage research education and increase the quality of engineering education
    5 research areas.have received financing in the framework programme. The Department of Industrial Management and Engineering participates with Ph.D. projects in the following fields:
    - industrial production and strategic planning
    - integration of production management and logistics
    - methods for analysis and of engineering management systems
    - development and application of information technology in industrial production.
    Effective start/end date01/01/198931/12/1997


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