Railway substructure system based on asphalt

  • Bose, Tulika (PhD Student)
  • Degrande, Geert (Examiner)
  • Erlingsson, Sigurdur (Examiner)
  • Fischer, Gregor (Examiner)
  • Zania, Varvara (Main Supervisor)
  • Levenberg, Eyal (Supervisor)

    Project Details


    Within the framework of this project, the feasibility of an innovative asphalt based solution for the railway substructure system will be studied involving complete replacement of conventional granular ballast and subballast with asphalt layers. For this purpose, experimental and numerical models will be developed to calculate and evaluate the mechanical response of the railway substructure system based on asphalt. A test facility will be constructed, and the new construction concept will be tested. The measured data will provide the basis for the validation of the numerical models. Once validated, the models will be used to generate key design values that govern traditional railway projects, and a simplified engineering tool will be developed to address the main design issues.
    Effective start/end date01/09/201630/09/2020


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