Radar Controlled Obstruction Lights at the National Test Centre in Østerild

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    By radar control of obstruction lights at the National Test Centre located at Østerild, Denmark the aim is to decrease the impact on the environment and the neighbours.

    Key findings

    The purpose of the CORAL project has been firstly to evaluate the technical Radar Control of Obstruction Lights solution in Østerild and based thereof derive generic system requirements with the clear aim of formulating recommendations for a Danish regulatory. Secondly to in-vestigate the effects of introducing Radar Controlled Obstruction Lights on local residents by conducting surveys in the local community before and after the installation of the radar at Østerild test centre.
    The result of the technical evaluation has verified the solution and provided solid system knowledge enabling the formulation of draft Danish Obstruction Light Control regulatory rec-ommendations.
    The result of the social impact evaluation shows a general improvement on most of the in-vestigated topics mitigating the light pollution at the test centre, though without the statisti-cal data being conclusive. Furthermore, main recommendations in communication of an OLC solution being installed in communities have been identified.
    Effective start/end date01/04/201531/12/2018

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