Quality Management - assessment, audit, certification, quality system requirements

  • Hartz, Ove (Project Manager)

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    This project includes activities within quality management principles, concepts and terminology, evaluating the international trends and laying down concepts and terminology in cooperation with other Sandinavian research institutions and organisations.
    This activity made basis for the DS/EN ISO 8402 Quality Management Vocabulary, the DS/EN ISO 9000 series on Quality Systems and the DS/ISO 10011 series Auditing Quality Systems. During the last years the research area has made a key effort concerning concepts and terminology in about 10 published standards in the Quality Management field.
    In 1999 the research area has been involved in laying down the key concepts and terminology in the new process orientated ISO 9OOO series.
    The research area is active in international and national cooperation in the quality field, a.o. DS S216 and ISO TC 176 Quality Management. Assessment and internal auditing are analysed as significant quality management activities. Self-assessment and benchmarking as tools for evolution in the field of quality management. External auditing relating to quality system requirements is evaluated. Analyses of trends in quality system requirements are continued. The research area is represented in Danish Accreditation, DANAK.
    In 1999 the research area has contributed on European level and national level to the development of the European Harmonized Scheme (EOQ Scheme, European Organization for Quality, approved by the European Commision) for certification of Quality Professionals, Quality System Managers and Quality Auditors. Identification of the qualification criteria is developed on a joint European basis.
    In 1999 articles and papers have been published and finished about international trends and developments in the qulity field, a.o. the developments in the philosophy of the ISO 9000 series to process orientated performance improvements and in the field of Quality Personnel Competance Requirements.
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