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A core group of Danish researhers and industiel companies has established considerable know-how in the gasification field with the aim of producing gasifiers for CHP purposes.
In France a similar expertise has been developed partly with the aim og producing small scale gasifiers for electricity production, and partly with the aim of producing syngas for liquid biofuel production.
In this project the research environments from Denmark and France will be joined.
Pratical experience from Danish stage gasification has led the consortium to established the hypothesis that the tar content in gasification gas from a staged gasifier or a thermal tar cracker with a char bed is dependent on the char quality i.e. the conversion of the char. The main purpose of this project is to investigate further into the interdependence between char quality and tar formation - and the reduction of tars in the partiel oxidation and in the char bed.
The investigation consists of the construction of a lab-scale gasification unit including a pratical experiment combined with a literature study. The results from this project will be used for optimising the tar decomposition process in staged gasifiers and to obtain a better understanding and design of a gas cleaning system for syngas production.
Effective start/end date01/03/200431/12/2006