PV+STorage - Operation and Economics

  • Yang, Guangya (Project Coordinator)
  • Hou, Peng (Project Participant)

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    Transforming the electricity retail market and activate the demand side participation in system operation is a critical step in enabling a greener energy system to the benefit of consumers and society. A significant step was taken when distribution grid operators were separated from electricity retail, which lays the groundwork for the future retail market operation.
    In parallel to this, the ever decreasing of costs of PV and battery systems provide increasing competitiveness to both technologies and have brought great investment in solar PV energy, as shown in both EU and the world. Recent market perspective reports predict that there will be a rapid pace of adoption in the coming years for the two technologies. The industry has led the trend and various storage solutions have been developed for residential customers, especially combining PV plus storage solutions for increasing self-consumption.
    While PV and storage technology is constantly improving, both these industries have effectively scaled-up and continue to expand their manufacturing output worldwide. New PV production techniques are improving performance and causing 20% price reduction per year. The recorded bid of solar PV in 2017 is USD 0.03 $ kWh. The average cost seems will go further down in the coming years.
    The business case for investment in the local stationary storage systems rests on the cooperation with local PV for increasing self-consumption rate. The combination of PV and storage can provide benefits to the system owners in the form of lower electricity bills and a greener electricity supply. However, development has been so fast that several key issues remain unresolved. The technical requirements for storage units are not yet defined. The impact on the current business of distribution grid operators and electricity retailers is also unknown.
    In order to prepare the industry for the upcoming change, it is necessary to have the impact evaluated by research institutes, manufacturers, grid operators, and retailers. The Danish project PVST (PV+STorage Operation and Economics in distribution systems) will, therefore, set out to study the performance of the current technology, as well as the impact on the electricity grid and retailing. During the project, the impact of PV+storage will be studied from a technical and economic viewpoint for both grid operators and market retailers. Also, the interoperability and efficiency of the PV+storage system will be enhanced for better operational and market value.
    Effective start/end date01/11/201731/10/2019


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