PurR controlled genes in B. subtilis

  • Saxild, Hans Henrik (Project Manager)

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    PurR is a transcription regulator protein in B. subtilis that in response to the level of PRPP in the cell control the expression of the purR, purA and pur operon genes. Addition of adenine to the growth medium represses gene expression due to the action of PurR. In a PurR genetic background the level of purA, purR and pur operon expression is constitutive. By the use of gentic, bioinformatic and biochemical means we have ben able to expand the PurR regulon with the following genes : pbuG, xpt-pbuX, yqhZ-folD, yumD and glyA. Comparison of the various regulatory regions revealed that they all contain two so-called PurR-Boxes separated by 17 nucleotides. We were able to define the PurR regulon to be consisting of genes involved in purine and C1 metabolism.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199931/12/1999