Purity-analysis of SEED

  • Carstensen, Jens Michael (Project Manager)
  • Frederiksen, Martin Stig (Project Participant)
  • Hartelius, Karsten (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    Application of herbiciders is currently reduced substantially in the conventional seed-production. In organic farms a production of grass and clover are beeing developed, to meet the the needs for ecologically produced seed in the year 2000. These changed methods of cultivation will, no doubt, increase the amount of unwanted seeds in the raw material and therefor increase the need for surveillance and new development of the cleaning process.
    To meet the increasing demands of the cleaning process the development of a prototype for a visionbased purity-analysis machine have started. The machine aimes at a usage in the field of procescontrol of the cleaningproces plus the puritycontrol.The project will, in the development face, focus on one of the most difficult and therefor also one of the most vision-relevant problems, that is to differ between seeds of meadow grass and 1 year old meadow grass.
    Effective start/end date01/09/199931/08/2001


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