Proof of Business opportunity with FluidChip at Danæg Products A/S

  • Frosch, Stina (Project Participant)

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Danæg has an urgent need to compensate for varying egg quality that is due to varying conditions such as the age of the hen, the age of the egg, time of year, feed or geographical location of the farm. Because of the non-uniform quality of the eggs, the company currently faces a considerably production waste in the production of their processed egg product “long eggs”. To reduce production costs and maintain its market position Danæg needs to reduce this production waste. Activities in the project will follow three tracks:
- A customization of the FluidChip to optimize its sensitivity in distinguishing between varying qualities of raw egg.
- Incorporation of a self-cleaning capability to avoid fouling. This is important to make the apparatus long-time functional.
- Building and testing an off-line prototype. After successful testing, the apparatus is implemented in-line directly in the production facility and will constantly monitor egg quality.
The technological objectives are to develop the apparatus towards in-line analysis at at production site and to develop a self-cleaning function that will ensure long-time functionality. This is crucial not only for the implementation of the FluidChip at Danæg, but for all future in-line monitoring of fluidic properties of other fluids. This is the first time the FluidChip will be developed for use in food production. We will prove that the apparatus can be implemented as a production-monitoring tool as referred to in the project-title.
It is the intention that this technology will be the backbone in a future start up. We will in this project prove that the FluidChip is commercially viable. The implementation made possible with this GAP-project will be a “lighthouse example” to convince other mass market manufacturers in the food and biotechnology industry.
This GAP-project does not represent the full commercial potential of the FluidChip. But it proves that the technology is able to meet a need of an industrial manufacturer. The project is crucial in the commercialization of the apparatus. Showing the long-term and in- line functionality of the FluidChip will be the most important steps in proving that the FluidChip is a commercially viable technology.
Effective start/end date01/04/201430/09/2014


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