Productivity and Growth in Organic Value-Chains

Project Details


Large groups of smallholder farmers in Africa have weak market links and practice unsustainable farming with little economic benefit. Organic agriculture (OA) can improve yields and natural resource management and link farmers to high value markets.
The growing organic sector is an example of private/market led development and the organic value chains have general interest. Research have demonstrated mixed experiences in terms of livelihood improvement and economic sustainability of the organic market chains due to limited capacity among chain actors, limited institutional and organisational frameworks and lack of research and adaptation of agro-ecological methods.
The project will investigate potentials and develop methods for increased productivity, growth and sustainable development in existing OA chains in pilot areas and value chains in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Research will focus on development and adoption of agro-ecological methods, integrated livestock and pest management in the chain, potentials and barriers for local value addition including reduced post-harvest losses. Other topics are market development and the need for supporting frameworks and platforms for learning alliances in a public private partnership. The objective is to build capacity for development of the OA based value chains through research and dissemination and to train a number of young researchers in applying discipline oriented methods in an agro-ecosystem and value chain framework.
Effective start/end date01/01/201031/12/2010