production of meat- and dairy alternatives from Brewers Spent Grain (BSG)

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Production of meat and dairy alternatives from brewers spent grain (BSG)
By tailoring starter cultures for the production of meat and dairy alternatives from brewers spent grain (BSG),, we aim to produce plant-based meat and dairy substitutes with better taste, texture and nutritional value than currently available substitutes. Moreover, we will base our products on the largest side-stream from beer production, BSG, which is currently regarded as a side-stream of little or no value. The project will follow a 3-year plan, and include the formulation of multiple products, a two-day short course and a state-of-the-art report on the valorization of plant-based side-streams.
The aim is to uncover this potential by fermenting BSG, using microorganisms that have been isolated from plants to enhance taste, texture and nutritional value of the product in cooperation with the food industry.
Specifically in 2020, we aim to develop a specialized starter-culture for the fermentation of BSG, by selecting and adapting carefully selected strains. Furthermore, we will test BSG from both barley and wheat beer.
The project will create a circular economy for breweries by implementing strategies for conversion of BSG into ingredients that can be used in plant-based foods, targeting the “materials system’s challenge” of building circular material flows.
Additionally, the project will have the opportunity to create a systemic change in the food industry, since the method can target all plant-based side-streams. The project builds on an ongoing Climate KIC Pathfinder project, which aims at transforming the liquid fraction of BSG into a plant-based yogurt alternative. This project will be expanded upon and include the solid BSG fraction, in order to produce a plant-based meat alternative, which will mimic the umami taste, texture and nutritional qualities of meat by utilizing microbial fermentation. The project thereby aims at creating sustainable alternatives to some of the most climate-damaging food value chains by effectively targeting the “Lland use system’s challenge”.
Short titleBSG 2.0
Effective start/end date16/06/202031/12/2023