Production after year 2000

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    The aim of this project is to stregthen the process of conceptualisation of new productive systems in Danish Industry, based upon participation of employers in the process. The basic idea is a visual set-up for experiments with new goals, conditions, visions and concepts.
    IKS is contributing through participation of MMA and Jesper Olesen, financed partly by IKS. Other participants are Dept. of Production, AAU, Institute of international marketing and management, the South School of Economies and Business Administration, and Institute of Organisation and management, Aarhus School of Business. Besides 15 companies participate.
    The project is managed by Confederation of Danish Industry and Central Organization of Industrial Employees in Denmark.
    Budget: 6 mio. DKK.
    Effective start/end date01/09/199631/12/1998


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