Probit models for mode choice

  • Nielsen, Otto Anker (Project Manager)
  • Brems, Camilla Riff (Project Participant)
  • Grevy, Bo (Project Participant)
  • Israelsen, Thomas (Project Participant)
  • Leleur, Steen (Project Participant)
  • Nielsen, Erik Rude (Project Participant)
  • Thorlacius, Per (Project Participant)
  • Hansen, Christian Overgaard (Project Participant)
  • Bloch, Karsten Sand (Project Participant)
  • Nielsen, Jan (Project Participant)
  • Nielsen, Mogens (Project Participant)
  • Petersen, Jens Møller (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    Logit-models are almost solely used for mode choice modelling. Often, the model-type is used also to model trip distribution and sometimes trip production. The relatively simpleness of the logit-models and the availability of standard software packages are some of the reasons for its prevalence. The disadvantages by logit-models on the other hand are their premise of indepen-dence between alternatives, which is problematic when dealing with many alternatives partly dependent of each other (e.g. car, bicycle, bus, light rail and rail). This can be avoided by using probit-models. However, the multinomial probit-model have so far been difficult to handle for real-scale cases, but recent developments in computer technology and mathematical simulation methods have given new possibilities for use of this model.
    The project investigates both from a theoretical and practical point of view the possibilities of using Probit models for mode-choices. In addition the subjects of mode-chains and trip-chains are dealt with.
    For organizational details on the traffic model sub-projects; see the GIS-T programme.
    Effective start/end date01/09/199401/09/1999


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