ProbiComp: Probiotics in childhood

Project Details


Young children suffer from many infections especially after they start day care resulting in approximately 700,000 days of parental leave in Denmark per year. There is evidence that
probiotics can reduce the incidence and severity of acute diarrhoea, atopic eczema and possibly respiratory tract infections most likely through acceleration of the immune system development.
In ProbiComp, we will test the effect of treatment with a probiotic strain (vs a placebo) in children attending day care.
The primary outcome in the study will be the number of days of absence from day care due to infections, but also a number of secondary outcomes will be measured.
The role of DTU Food in ProbiComp is to test the effect of the probiotic treatment on the intestinal microbiota, since this is believed to be connected e.g. to risk of allergies and infections.
Effective start/end date01/09/201331/12/2016