Probalistic Concept for Assessing the Damage Stability of Ships

  • Ravn, Erik Sonne (Project Manager)

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    In principle, the probalistic concept for assessing the damage stability of ships is simple and gives a single measure for the probability of surviving a collision accident, but its implementation poses a number of problems.
    Based on damage statistics, an approximate solution to these problems is implemented in the current probalistic stability regulations for dry cargo ships, as given in IMO Resolution MSC 19(58). However then the implementation of these rules in actual design is far from straightforward and can easily lead to some ambiguity in the application of the regulations. This is very undesirable as the obtained safety measure, named the attained index, ideally should be the same for a given ship, irrespectively of the design office or computer software doing the calculations. Therefore, IMO has also released an explanatory note, IMO Resolution A.648(17), which contains guidelines on how different problems may be handled.
    The overall aim of the present project is to evaluate the robustness of the probalistic rules-based design procedure in a range of scenarios for Ro-Ro passenger ships and its sensitivity on the main design pararmeters involved in the assessment process and, hence, define suitable constraints as appropriate.
    Effective start/end date01/09/199931/12/2003