Proactive Energy Management Systems for Power-to-Heat and Power-to Gas Solutions

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The purpose of the proposal-“ Proactive Energy Management Systems for Power-to-Heat and Power-to-Gas Solutions (PRESS)”, is to enhance the potential cooperation between Denmark and China within the research field of optimal operation of integrated Power-to-Heat (P2H) and Power-to-Gas (P2G) systems by holding scientific workshops with participation of professors, senior engineers and researchers from Central South University , China, Wuhan University of Technology and Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research and the Center for Electric Power and Energy, Electrical Engineering department, Technical University of Denmark to exchange knowledge and experiences, and to identify potential for new projects and partnerships. The proposed research will benefit several academic communities through the large-scale, multi-level, and cloud based optimal management of closely coupled electricity, heat and gas systems. The scientific knowledge collected from the network activities will create new business opportunities for third parties who are interested in providing services for multi-vector energy system planning, operation and economics, and implementation of cross-vector demand response.
Effective start/end date01/01/201931/12/2020


  • Power2Heat
  • Power2Gas


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