Prevention of viruses in fruit and vegetables by using indicator bacteria

  • Schultz, Anna Charlotte (Project Manager)
  • Baggesen, Dorte Lau (Project Participant)
  • Lorenzen, Jan (Project Manager)
  • Damgaard, Trine-Maria (Project Participant)
  • Friis-Holm, Lotte Bjerrum (Project Participant)
  • Madsen, Jeanette (Project Participant)
  • Andersen, Susan Hein (Project Participant)
  • Ragone, Carlos (Project Participant)

Project Details


Human noroviruses, causing vomiting and diarrhea are the most commonly detected food-borne viruses. Increased global export has resulted in increased risk for large-scale outbreaks that are difficult to detect. Virus detection in food requires specialized expertise that is not available in most laboratories charged with quality control of food.

While regulations are in place to monitor the microbiological quality of food, the criteria in use has been developed based on properties of live bacteria. Viruses behave quite differently and may remain intact under circumstances in which bacterial contaminants would be killed.

The aim is to develop an assay that makes it possible to assure products free of fecal viruses and hence increase food safety. This will be achieved by genome determination of human specific Bacterioides.
Effective start/end date01/01/200931/12/2010