Pressure effect in the Hg-based superconductors

  • Gerward, Leif (Project Manager)
  • Olsen, J. Staun (Project Participant)

Project Details


Energy-dispersive synchrotron x-ray diffraction studies [3] were performed on powder samples of Hg 1212 and Hg 1223 in a diamond-anvil cell at pressure up to 30 GPa, in order to study changes under pressure in these compounds, because pressure dependence might supply information regarding the mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity. High compressability of these compounds was observed and was suggested to correspond to a pressure-induced ordering along the c-axis. The structured importance of an Ba ion shift was demonstrated, and the effect to result from Ba-O gramma attraction. We suggest that the buffer layer plays an important role in increasing Tc by "fine tuning" the Ba position. A crucial role in enabling the Ba shift is played by the HgO gamma layer at high pressure.
Effective start/end date01/01/199831/12/1999


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