PRECEPT: Process Reengineering in Europe: Choice, People and Technology

  • Clausen, Christian (Project Manager)

    Project Details


    The overall objective of this project is to investigate the choices surrounding the Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) concepts and their appropriateness in different national, industrial etc. contexts and to explore the different opportunities for developing socially feasible and acceptable BPR-oriented concepts, in order to contribute to the development of a European model for long term sustainable economic development.

    The project directly addresses new models of work organisation and the use of IT, and their implications for organisational performance and competitiveness - through its substantive focus on the choices of methods and concepts for business process redesign. It further addresses the means by which ideas about good practice for the business use of technologies and techniques are generated and disseminated.

    The project will examine the different approaches to BPR that have been espoused, and how they have been taken up differently by various exponents in different national, regional and sector contexts.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199901/06/2003


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