Positioning of Danish offshore wind farms until 2030 – using Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE)

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An investigation on how to rank new offshore wind farm positions in Danish waters until 2030 has been undertaken at the Department of Wind Energy.

The metric for ranking the offshore wind farms is the Levelized Cost of Energy and a model has been formulated to use transparent input cost information from the offshore wind energy sector.

The study was done as a master project with Gyde Liane Ohlsen as principle investigator and Senior Reseacher Niels-Erik Clausen and Senior Researcher Asger Bech Abrahamsen as main and co-supervisor respectively.

Key findings

- Levelized cost of energy model for offshore wind farms in Danish waters
- Map of expected LCoE of 800 MW offshore farm in Danish waters
- Estimate of future cost parameter towards 2030 with 12 MW turbine
- Estimate of LCoE distribution for Danish waters until 2030
- Evaluation of when offshore wind energy in Danish waters will be subsidy free.

Layman's description

The danish parliament has decided to position 3 new 800 MW offshore wind farms in Danish waters before 2030. The question is however where to place them? And how to decide which position to start with? A master project at Department of Wind Energy at the technical University of Denmark has investigated these questions using the metric Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE).
Short titleOffshore wind farm positioning in Danmark until 2030
Effective start/end date28/08/201807/02/2019


  • Offshore wind energy
  • Denmark
  • Levelised cost of energy
  • LCoE
  • Period 2019-2030


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