Population dynamics of stocked eel in a river system (38261)

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The objectives are to evaluate the effect of stocking eel in a river system, and examine how anthropogenic factors such as weirs, trout farms and ponds in a river system may delay or hinder the downstream migration of silver eel.

A few studies have previously been performed to assess the biological value of stocking elvers in small to medium size streams. The studies however showed, that the eels either suffer high mortality or disperse to downstream sections of the streams where monitoring by electro fishing is not possible. Thus, only limited information on the fate of the stocked elvers is available. This project seeks to alleviate this shortcoming.

No, or only very little, natural recruitment occurs to the upper part of River Gudenå. Therefore, the area is excellent for eel stocking experiments, and all migrating fish can be monitored in a downstream fish trap.

During 1987, 1988 and 1992 the area was stocked with 1.6 million elvers. In 2001 and 2002 coded wire tagged eels of size 3.5 gram and 10 gram were stocked. The size and age composition of the silver eel run at Vestbirk fish trap suggest that most males from these stockings have by now, left the feeding areas during the spawning runs, whereas older females are immigrating in these years. All eel passing the trap are being recorded and measured. The population parameters; growth rate, numbers, sex and age at silvering are used to describe the yield of the stockings.

Silver eels leaving the upper reaches of the River Gudenå have to pass several weirs and lakes when migrating towards the sea. How these obstructions influence the migration is largely unknown, but a delay and possibly a higher mortality may be expected. Migrating silver eels are equipped with telemetric tags (PIT) and the progression rate of downstream migrants will be recorded by automatic listening stations and manual tracking.

Research area: Freshwater Fisheries and Ecology
Effective start/end date01/01/201131/12/2013