Polarimetric decomposition

  • Madsen, Søren Nørvang (Project Manager)
  • Dall, Jørgen (Project Participant)

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    Fully polarimetric SAR data can be decomposed according to certain sets of targets with distinct scattering mechanisms, e.g.{sphere, right helix, left helix} or {sphere, diplane, helix}. In the latter case the polarimetric SAR data are expressed as a superposition of a sphere like, a diplane like, and a helix like signal. Another useful decomposition is an eigenvector decomposition which often turns out to have components corresponding to single bounce scattering, double bounce scattering and diffuse scattering.
    DCRS has implemented the eigenvector decomposition and uses it in relation to its soil and vegetation studies, for instance. In 1996 and 1997 DCRS has cooperated with the Danish Defence Research Establishment on {sphere, diplane, helix} and {sphere, right helix, left helix} polarimetric decompositions. It has been demonstrated that in a false colour visualisation of a decomposed polarimetric data set, fields looking the same in an ordinary {HH, VV, HV} false colour visualisation, can be discriminated. (Related projects - see: www.dcrs.dtu.dk).
    Effective start/end date01/01/199531/12/1997


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