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Light and vitamin D are essential for human and animal well-being. In this project, researchers using specially developed LED lighting will reduce the mortality in piglets, improve the welfare of sows during gestation, and thus improve the pig farmer's economy.
The challenge of this project is to improve the statistics in pig production. Every year, approximately 9,000,000 piglets die during birth or before weaning - an alarmingly high figure, which is not compatible with sustainability or animal welfare. In addition, it costs about 1.8 billion Danish kroner in lost profits for the Danish pig producers.
Piglets need vitamin D. They are born with a low level of vitamin D and in the first three weeks the only receive the sow's milk, which contains minimal amounts of vitamin D. Vitamin D is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, since animals and humans produce vitamin D in the skin. We cannot bring sunlight into the pig sheds, but we can develop a light source, which contains the portion of the sunlight which produces vitamin D in the skin of pigs.
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Effective start/end date01/01/201731/12/2021

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