Photo-catalytic nano-membranes for waste water treatment system in the dairy industry

  • Kanjwal, Muzafar Ahmad (Project Manager)
  • Chronakis, Ioannis S. (Project Participant)
  • Barakat, Nasser (Project Participant)
  • Yong, Kim Hak (Project Participant)
  • Thomsen, Peter (Project Participant)

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In Denmark and in most other countrie, the dairy industry has grown in size and number of companies. Denmark is among the top 5 nations in the export of dairy products.
Dairy Industries produce wastewater during pasteurization and homogenization of milk, and during the production of dairy products (butter, cream, cheese, etc). The wastewater makes the dairy industry one of the most polluting industries, not only because of the volume of wastewater generated, but also by virtue of its wastewater character. On average 2.5 liters of wastewater is generated per liter of milk produced, but the amount can be as high as 10 liters of water per liter of milk.
The purpose of this project is to develop innovative cost-effective membranes, consisting of a photocatalytic active material for use in the treatment process of wastewater from the dairy industry. These nano-membranes will only use a photoactive semiconductor and a suitable light source for the purification process, and thus will not form other metabolites to the environment than CO2 and H2O.
Effective start/end date01/01/201431/12/2015

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