PhD Project: Segmentation-Driven Tomographic Reconstruction

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Computed tomography (CT) is a non-invasive technique for analyzing the interior of objects. The mathematical method of calculating the interior of an object is called reconstruction. A great variety of different reconstruction techniques exist. For this project the goal is to incorporate different forms of prior information into the reconstruction process to achieve results with desired features for a subsequent segmentation. The CT problem is an ill-posed problem, which is a motivation for incorporation prior information, in order to regularize and stabilize the reconstructions. Prior information is based on what we perceive as expected and typical behavior for specific problems, for example an often-used prior for CT reconstructions is piecewise constancy of the solutions, which is utilized by for example Total Variation regularization. Incorporation of prior information in reconstructions is also a part of the overall theme for the ERC project “High-Definition Tomography”, which this project is a part of.
CT is typically used for analyzing biological objects, for medical imaging purposes, though in the research field of material science this has also become a highly used technique. For materials science a typical CT-investigation pipeline consist of four major stages: scanning, reconstruction, segmentation and analysis. Often the reconstruction is carried out by a simple filtered back projection method, whereas the segmentation stage consists of more advanced and computationally expensive methods.
In my project we aim to move the computational effort from the segmentation stage to the reconstruction stage. The reconstruction methods that primarily investigate are related to the variational methods. Prior information about the object we are scanning is used to regularize the reconstruction in order aid the following segmentation stage. Some regularization keywords that I have been working with are: Total Variation, Directional Total Variation, Total Generalized Variation, Mumford-Shah and Eulers Elastica.
Effective start/end date01/09/201431/08/2017


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