Ph.D. Project: Multichannel Adaptiv Analysis of Rotating Systems (MARS)

  • Sørensen, John Aasted (Project Manager)

    Project Details


    Project No. 3140.
    The objectives of the project are to develop methods for the estimation and
    tracking of the fundamental frequency components in rotating systems, without
    using tachometers, but only accelerometer measurements from different
    acquisition points on the system being investigated. Furthermore, the
    multichannel measurements must be used for the estimation of paramenters,
    which can be used for the diagnosis of unbalance, misalignment, bent shaft
    and instability in journal bearings and mechanical looseness, and
    incipient faults in rolling-element bearings.
    Projects participants:
    civilingenior Thorkild Find Pedersen, Bruel & Kjaer A/S, ph.d. studnet.
    civilingenior Henrik Herlufsen, Bruel & Kjaer A/S,
    civilingenior Ole Roth, Bruel & Kjaer A/S,
    civilingenior, ph.d. Klaus Gram-Hansen, Gram & Juhl ApS,
    Professor Per Chr. Hansen, IMM, DTU,
    lektor Steffen Duus Hansen, IMM, DTU,
    lektor John Aa. Sorensen, IMM, DTU.
    Effective start/end date01/09/199931/08/2001


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