Ph.D. dissertation:

  • Yoshinaka, Yutaka (Project Manager)

    Project Details


    The project entails a constructivist analysis of 'image-guided' diagnostics and intervention (e.g. interventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging), an integral venue in the treatment practice of medicine today.
    With inspiration in concepts developed within the framework of Actor-Network Theory (ANT), the study aims to address particularly how engineering knowledge and competence enter into the translation and (re)configuration of medical situations in this 'visually-guided' minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment practice, as well as the coordination that is involved in affording the 'working' of this technology its stability and 'taken-for-grantedness.'
    Focusing on the simultaneously and inextricably representational and interventional character of this technological practice, the context of the socio-technical order through which the 'work-object' becomes manifest is analyzed in relation to role of engineering vis-a-vis realignments in relevant medical professional boundaries (e.g. the laboratory, radiology, medicine and/or surgery).
    Effective start/end date01/02/199931/01/2002